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Excel Random Art

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Created in Excel by generating random colour :
Sub JiGiDi()
Set rng = Range("A1:AL30")
For Each cell In rng
cell.Interior.ColorIndex = Int(15 * Rnd) + 1
Next cell
End Sub
*In Excel press ALT+F11, Insert -> Module -> Paste the code -> press F5
** Assuming Macros are enabled
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  1. jub2:31
  2. Minibank2:41
  3. Knelia2:43
  4. zazou12:59
  5. caromarie3:09
  6. kara13:22
  7. rockbit3:28
  8. deb130783:33
  9. pruts3:36
  10. Tekla81633:42


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Great puzzle, good size, please make some more, Thank you so much and have a great Day 🤗



A challenge, thank you.

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