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Merlin's Hat

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Thanks for sharing. Here is your html-code:

Why are you reporting this puzzle?

If anyone can find anything on this one, I had no luck, and then got side tracked...ah, the story.
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That is a big chore, I understand completely.


If it were for me, I would have a bit more whimsy in the garden... but, we sometimes have winds and we have to take all that is outside and put it in the garage. To start, we have 11 feeders.


I am sure the faeries are dancing just this side of the hat.


Pity if it isn't real but if it is there are probably fairies close by!! Fascinating :-)


I was thinking it could be placed under some ferns and maybe out of direct sunlight, But fading, I get it.


I do have a couple of mushrooms for the fairies but I keep those indoors, everything loses color outside because of the sun. Cute one this one!


Just marvelous dhi :) And yes bigger and different color :) Love It :)


Me too, I think I would like it in several sizes and colourations.




I think it would be lovely in an outdoor garden!


@BirdNana - I think this would be perfect in a gnome garden.

@Isaly, that is what I found too, but might be good in an outdoor garden


All I can find was it is a dark red, orange magic mushroom made out of polymer clay on etsy......I love Merlin and now his hat!


Thanks Issy, I thought so too.


Manmade or not - very cute :)


Thanks dj, I appreciate your help.


This is adorable. It looks man-made, but I think I know someone who might be able to enlighten us as to real or not. @Zsuzsineni - think you can do your magic and find out? Thanks, dj


Thanks for the input Nanpuzzler. It would make a good addition to anyone making a gnome garden.


Pretty sure this has been photo shopped. There is a mushroom called Witch's Hat but it doesn't look like this!!


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