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  1. leaf_on_the_wind9:31
  2. jimryan194210:19
  3. RadkaJ10:31
  4. Dawgman10:32
  5. Hanina15710:40
  6. Wolf711:01
  7. basmanpeter11:17
  8. suzy11:35
  9. sweetlu11:52
  10. Burvixese11:53


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Wonderful picture, dear Chris! I love Sunshine. For me it looks like a borning life. Thanks, my friend!


I would never give up on you. I've been hitting the pavement, and sweating like a work horse. It is rather embarrassing. I just can't get used to the humidity. I'm too used to the weather being much colder. I am trying to get back down into my regular size which is a 6. But at this point I would be okay with an 8. But sometimes I just don't know. When the pain starts up it knocks me off my game plan.

So you are about to be a mother in law again? It sounds exciting. You are a good person to take and pick up the grandkids. Please don't let it burn you out. Sometimes people forget that you have raised your own kids already. I'm glad you are doing okay. I know you can be whatever you want.


Hey TR! Thanks for checking on me! You NEVER disturb me! I enjoy chatting with you! My soon to be daughter in law went to work... so now I am taking kids to school and picking them up... That means I can't stay up half the night... I forgot what being on a schedule was like. Add to that the afore mentioned soon to be daughter in law and my son's wedding in 2 weeks... things are hectic to say the least! Oh, and did I mention I joined a gym? This couch potato who has not worked out... EVER!!
But don't give up on me... I'm still here!


Hi Chriswestberry. I don't want to disturb your peace. I was wondering how you were doing?


It took me forever to solve this one. I guess I'm tired. I really enjoyed this one. I like puzzles with defined lines. Thank you Chris. I'm really gone this time. I just had to do one of your puzzles. This is not the first one I have done but now I am following you. You have more I am interested in but that is for another day. Nighty night my dear cobber. ~Montine

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