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8000 Piece Sistine Chapel Ceiling Puzzle Play Area

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Here is the puzzle on the two tables.

You may notice a special table leaf near the middle of the left table. I made the leaf so the puzzle would just fit and I could squeeze(!) between the table and wall to get on this side of the table.

You know it's tough when you hold a puzzle piece, say blue, and it can go at either end of the 11 foot puzzle.

This is the second of two Jigidi puzzles for this Sistine Chapel Ceiling puzzle. The other puzzle is an overhead photo of only the completed puzzle.
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That's amazing. I also do understand about needing to complete it oneself without help. Thanks so much for posting this wonderful puzzle, like.



LOL! I sooooooo understand. I had to (try to!) explain to my wife that I needed to do the entire puzzle myself. This challenge was personal - perhaps climbing a mountain describes it best (I like hiking as you can tell). I just had to accomplish it myself. If I didn't, I would have felt like I failed and if others had joined in I would have felt defeated and would have considered starting over. It's really (really) silly I know, but such a strong feeling.

Tell her I'm pulling for her! 84 and she's going strong - that's great. Maybe you could talk her into letting you take a picture to share with us when she completes it?! I'd love to see it.

And what a neat Christmas gift!


This is the same puzzle my 84 year old neighbor is working on. She refuses to allow me to even place one piece. My neighbor, Pat, is over half done and has been working on it since Christmas---it was a Christmas gift. Her dining room table, with the leaves in, is being used plus a card table next to it to hold the pieces that need to be placed. Congratulations on completing something of this magnitude.


And to think I've done an eight thousand piece jigi in a minute lol - fantastic .... :o)


Yes on the lighting - those two lamps were very handy for moving around and not having to work in an industrially light room

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