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No.4 - I am the bravest, I blossomed into beauty and my yellow sticks full of pollen are waiting for the first bees

Pulsatilla grandis is a very rare strictly protected plant that blooms in early spring and grows in only a few localities in Europe. Those areas with a strict regime are established for its protection. At the time of flowering, this "key to open spring" grows to a height of 15 cm and its beautiful blue-violet bells adorn the spring meadow
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Yes Marina, in fact they are really very beautiful. In a meadow that is not yet green they shine from a distance. When you come closer and see the beautiful bells of their flowers with fine hairs and raindrops, it's a very nice experience ♥:))


They are so beautiful to look at. I suppose in reality they are gorgeous.


RetiredOkie, thank you very much for your visit and message, I'm glad you like those blue-violet bells that just started to bloom in the meadow ♥:))


These are very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


Sherry, you are undoubtedly right, after finish of flowering the plant is up to 35 cm high and also looks interesting. In the gardens, its "cultural" forms are more visible, in the wild they get lost in the tall grass. Mowing of lawn is not allowed in the protected area. I'll try to take some photos when the right time comes. Thank you for the challenge, I hope I will fulfill it. I wish you beautiful days and I send you greetings ♥:))


Deanna, perhaps you could post a puzzle of the seed heads when they are finished blooming, as Val mentioned. It would be interesting to see what they look like. Sometimes the plant's life after blooming is just as fascinating as the first part. Thank you, and have a pleasant evening. Sherry


Val, thank you, I had no doubt for a moment that you would know this flower and that you would have their garden relatives in your beautiful garden ♥:))


Deanna again thank you lovely photo of this one, I also love their seed heads when flowering is over☺♥


Jacquie129, thank you very much for your kind words. I am really pleased with your visit and appreciation of my photos ♥:))


Jill, thank you, I'm very pleased that you like these flowers, I love them, they are among the first flowering plants in early spring. I really admire them that they can withstand without the damage relatively strong frosts, at night it was - 8 degrees Celsius and snow. It's a miracle they endured it ♥:))


Hello Sherry, thank you for your nice visit and message, nice to meet you. My flowers are the same color as your beautiful avatar! You're right, when viewed from above they may resemble Crocuses, but in reality Pulsatillas are on the stem and the flower is perched in a calyx of leaves. All these parts are full of "hairs" and this makes the plant very soft and cute. I'm glad I was able to show it to you ♥:))


Thank you, Deanna, for a compelling set of photos and stories!


Oh you are so delicate and beautiful. What a great sight Deanna, thank you


Hello Deanna and thank you for this lovely series. The little blooms are certainly open to welcome the Spring sun and are so very pretty. I don't think I have seen this flower before, but it looks a bit like the Crocus I have blooming in my yard. Thank you again and have a pleasant evening. Sherry

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