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'...and she shall have music wherever she goes'

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  1. Redneck017:37
  2. GrandmaJo11:55
  3. cilycoed13:49
  4. GrannyNeff15:05
  5. smiley_116:12
  6. rafa18:48
  7. mlou6137:11


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Phyllis, that'll be great for them.


Thanks, Phyllis, for letting me know who Anna is. She's so sweet-looking. It looks like she's making the most of her life. I'm glad she's part of your family.


Hi Francine, yes she does look happy doesn't she! Her dad does marathons and triathalons too. My sister Carol is coming from Chicago for my birthday next month and she is bringing a 'special' stroller with her so he can take her on the runs. She will really enjoy that.

I believe that these strollers are specially made for parents who 'run' it'll add something else to Anna's life enjoyment.

Hi TG, nice to hear from you again - hope all it well with you both


Hi Phyllis. Anna looks so happy.


What a blessing cily! Thanks for sharing with us.


Gail this is Anna, she is one of my grandaughters. Anna is severely brain-damaged and were it not for a small sliver of normal brain, she would not be still with us. But yes! she is the joy of our lives, she is a such a delightful child.

Anna wakes her mum and dad up almost every night by kicking the wall and then breaking into laughter. She is unable to eat per mouth, now in an electric wheelchair she has discovered that if she keeps her hand on the control knob she goes round and round.


Is she a relative of yours, Phyllis? She's adorable.

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