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la porta turchese

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  1. jdoing3:22
  2. Marodeur3:38
  3. Skragath3:48
  4. jnttkamen3:59
  5. Skarvada4:00
  6. aksk0084:21
  7. BElenbogen4:31
  8. Daveswife4:35
  9. Mommy584:37
  10. bobsim734:53


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Aha tempo de la collazione di sera :0 Buona notte ragazzi e Milena :)


Ooh she's right says he after consulting his English/Italian dictionary :):):)::):) :):):):) :):):) : -> Turchese/Turquoise :) Scusami signorina ma i o imparato Italiano dei mi parenti al ora sbaglio ogni tanto :)


Dear Martin, in Italian "turchese" is a colour.


You confuse a color with a country hmm interesting :) So we would be brown here in Australia :)


Turquoise ... Turkey
it's a small difference.
This Italian language, right?!


Hmm,very nice but how does she know that's a Turkish Door and I think that's enough for today because my eyes are starting to spin %%%%%% Bye all and cya Fishes :)


Colorful 🙋❤️

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