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My Daughter on her Wedding Day.
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  1. BrianC4:03
  2. Menelaus4:39
  3. linedancer5:10
  4. bck2wrk5:33
  5. kenoncedar5:33
  6. juse6:19
  7. goblue6:22
  8. boob7:16
  9. landylass7:38
  10. bblessing8:10


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linedancer, this is your lovely daughter, and you left all that computer
jibberish across the top of her photo on the thumbnail. You are proud
of her, do her justice.

Please, delete all that stuff and add "My Daughter on her Wedding Day"
to the title box.

She has a lovely gown and I like her necklace, hope she has a happy,
long enjoyable, loving life ahead of her. jlou

Perhaps you were going to come back and clean all these thumbnail
photos up, I apologize if I spoke to soon.

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