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Name the jigidiers part 10

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Bierbau toofrab BSMarquis
Emerger Porcellus Gladstone (Floyd)
kenny1801 grinriver louisee
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I agree with irene....what a neat puzzle.......good on you all......thanks....robin


Thanks for sharing!


Well done 10**S


again, not a clue but now i understand why you have not been posting. hope your charlie is better very soon. and thanks for this one.

It's a man thing, Faye. :) Thanks for stopping by.


Good to hear that Charlie's on the mend...but they do have to make life difficult, don't they? ;DDD

Thanks, Florrie. ♥

Like your new avatar. :)


That's a pity

Good news on the Charlie front. Typical man - tie his arms to his sides!

Thanks, Brie. The person hasn't created any photos so I can't ask who's who. Could use it without knowing I suppose.
Charlie is improving every day but wants to do things he shouldn't with his arms as he feels a lot better. Not supposed to use them for much of anything for 2 months. I am getting some rest now as he naps frequently and has been sleeping in sometimes in the morning. Not getting up at 6:00 anyway. :)


How's Charlie doing - and how are you coping?

You were a little doll, louisee.


Love this snooker. Thanks so much.


Thanks for adding the names, Pat. Some new to me profiles to check out :-)

Thanks, Patti and Biscotto. Glad you like them. ♥


I have just had a look at all the puzzles in this set. I found them very moving. Thank you for taking the time to put them together: very precious memories in all those photographs. ☺


Great work, Snooker! Thanks for all the time you put into these! :)

Thanks, Nicky.


Congrats on the 10 stars. A wonderful collage, Snooker.

Thanks for all the nice comments and the 10 stars. Have posted the names under the puzzle.


Good job of finding more. Thanks, Pat.


Nice collage...I hope the name will come to you after the people, whose photo this is, will get back to you.


Another great one Pat - and I haven't a clue though I did recognise Emerger from a long time back - all so cute (weren't we just a wonderful generation!)


You did a great job finding the next 9 again Snooker ! Thanks ! 。◕‿◕。❤。◕‿◕。


Seeing is believing.


I can't put names to these young faces, Thanks, snooker.


Oh, my! The hits just keep on coming!

Nice work, Snookums.


2nd row left is Energizer...Emerger...E...?? Its been a long time since I've seen it

Afraid not, little one.


I think middle row, left side, might be starlord.


Bottom right.... Louisee...

Cookie was on the first one, Suzy.


second row left....JMCookie? Mat?




Yeah! Nine more :-))))) I came across the top left one... and can't remember :-(((
I'll wait and see. Thanks, Pat ☺


second row far right.....Gladstone. Floyd. :)

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