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A Family in Words

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Illustration from the children's book, "Words" (a Golden Book) by Joe Kaufman, 1963.
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  1. tammy11531:12
  2. dippy735:22
  3. saito31535:48
  4. linderborg_38:39
  5. Jowkin38:50
  6. Natipi40:33
  7. KarenOhio40:38
  8. Bethwiksen44:00
  9. kak47:31
  10. je197247:38


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:-D You're a cutie, Ushi!


Oh Jeanne-Marie sorry I keep writing Jean-Marie. Probably because of my father's name. You have studied French, congratulations, not an easy language. Oh Marieke, Oh Marieke I remember that too. For many countries Dutch is a language that does not exist haha. I speak French, Dutch, English but I don't master German well. Ushi-the cat only understands the word candy LOL 😽 ! xoxo Jeanne-Marie 😽

Ushi, I speak only French out of the three languages. Flemish seems pretty near to impossible! I used to listen a lot to Jacques Brel when I was studying French in school and knew someone who could sing "Marieke" in Flemish lol!! I love it that your father is called "Jean-Marie" ---- we were meant to meet!!! I'll bet that you and Ushi-cat speak all three languages! 😽


How nice to see everyone having such a good time together without TV and mobile phone! Where else can you find that! Well JM, Belgium has 3 languages: Dutch (Flemish), French and German! You have Swiss-French roots, oh great, can you also French and German Jean-Marie! Indeed your name was used here in the past in both the Flemish and French part, my father also called Jean-Marie, coincidence? xoxo

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