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Red Tulips

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Photo taken in my garden May 2014
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  1. willd0:15
  2. Robbos0:16
  3. Robbos10:16
  4. Ribs0:16
  5. jntleman0:17
  6. stephen0:20
  7. Graciela0:21
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Yes, they certainly are.
Is anything surviving the drought and heat in your garden?


Something to look forward to Beekay. Hugs.


A display I am greatly looking forward to Maureen. It will be a few months yet though♥


A beautiful bright display of color after the winter.
Lovely garden Beekay. Hugs.


Thanks Carolina. It's always a joy to see the bright flowers bloom in the spring after a long white winter. The nice thing about having your OWN garden is that you can plant the flowers that you like and that makes you happy :-)

The red ones or tulips in general Willy?


My favorite flowers.


I love these flowers and that is really cool that you grow them in your garden cause some people don't like flowers like these so I'm super excited that you grow them


They maybe different but we each have our garden pests and worries don't we Janet?

These really are a nice rich true red Rob :-))
Yes it will be winter for awhile yet but so far much milder than normal---knock on wood it will continue too :-))


They're a vivid red BK - and from the sound of it you'll only be seeing white, white and more white when you look outside now:)))) Stay warm - and Thanks :))))


BK they are so pretty, thanks goodness I don't have squirrels or woodchucks to dig up my bulbs! No deer either. Thanks and hugs my friend ♥


The squirrels will dig them up and take off with them Jacki...and the woodchucks love them when they flower. Fortunately I don't have deer roaming through.
Expecting a bit of snow tonight and tomorrow Suzy...
Gracie, Patti I'm glad they brightened your day,
I was trying to get more flowers into the shot Ardy :-) Thanks much,
About 4 months Lunie....


very pretty. a reminder that may is not that far away. i can't grow tulips. pocket gophers around here eat every bulb.


A bright spot in yet another dreary few days. Thank you, Beekay for saving a bit of spring for the doldrums of a winter that isn't. :)


Exactly what I need today! bright colors! thanks Beekay


More flowers in January! Thank you, Beekay!


I really like this camera angle. BeeKay. Thanks for a lovely touch of spring.


They will be coming very soon again...

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