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What We Made This Week

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I post these "puzzles" each week on Facebook. with multiple markets a week, every Monday I post where we will be, when we will be there, and how long we'll there. I also post kitchen updates, like this above, garden updates, along with anything else for our business.
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so THAT's why the wife still likes me 😂 lol


No wonder you are so sweet, John. Absorption.


I go through @50lbs of sugar a week TC 😊


@Tincup ... way to go 😊


Hey John, check this out!


Hey, I want sommathat there traffic jam!!

And thank you for asking about. my jelly project. I spent SEVERAL hours last night redoing the whole jellying process, adding all of the sugar recommended in the recipes(s) I was following. Jelly won't jell without a LOT of sugar. A gutload of it! No wonder one eats just a teaspoonful of jelly at a time. I'm posting a puzzle of the six precious quarter pint jars I made. I'm very proud.

That is a lot. This will last you most of the afternoon.


@Ianto ... already started ... my wife just brought home 2½ gallons of mulberries 🙮

So much work to do this afternoon


thanks all 😊

@jeribar8 ... I wear me out too 😂 lol

@Tincup ... so how did everything turn out TC 😊

@manicpuzzler ... another 4lbs were brought in this morning ... along with the first of the black raspberries 😊

@PWH ... it just might, I'll let you know 😉

That they are. Getting them fresh like that is even better.
You need your strength for the cooking and baking.


Well done John.


I would think that making the Traffic Jam would be exhausting.


You have been busy!

Our strawberries are nice an plump, but still green. Should be able to start cropping in a week or so.


Another busy and productive week for you John


I wore ME out today trying to imitate you!


You wear me out...


@Ianto ... thanks Jolene 😊 and some are better for you then others. blueberry, chokecherry & aronia berry are all high in anti-oxidants, boost the immune system & help with inflammation 😉

@ulangariver ... one of the few things Facebook is actually good for ... that one picture says a whole lot without talking Nev. not only does it shows off the flavors, it also tells you their freshness. it's also a great way to snatch photos of the grandkids 😊 ... other than that ...

@nanab ... I keep a rough idea of how long it takes to do what I do, but being on disability, time is something I don't worry about, or charge for


Traffic Jam is sold around here. It's strawberries, rhubarb, raspberries and blueberries. It's delicious!


"Traffic Jam". I love it! :o)

All are good for you.


@Surreal_Heidi ... we've been picking strawberries for almost a week now, and I just snacked on the few black raspberries that were ready tonight. rhubarb is always ready to pick, so Traffic Jam will be here soon 😊


Have you ever added up the packaging, marketing, and promotional time to the hours you've already invested into your business?
It's no wonder you're so tired. Well done John.

They all look great.


Why can't you live closer to me, so I can buy these?
Then again, I'm not supposed to eat sweets like these, so maybe it's a good thing.


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