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Relax At Crater Lake, Oregon

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17.03.2021 (193471)


Beautiful peaceful scene.

Dec. 10, 2020




Breathtaking :-)

Thank you, Ruglady.

Best regards,


Beem there several times over the past 50+ years. Winter with snow to level with the second floor of the lodge, Great place to visit (and study). Lake is some 5+ miles in diameter an roughly 2000 feet deep and an elevation of about 8500 feet above sea level. It is a volcanic peak that lost it's top (cauldera) and the peak you see in the center of the picture is a cinder cone which formed afterwards. Look close at the small white streak this side of Wizard Island and the wake to the left of it. That is an excursion boat of fair size. Helps give you a measure of the size of the lake.

#1/185622 :)


It is vast & compelling whether under cover of snow & freezing or bright like this scene. Not shown, due to the vastness of its whereabouts are the miles upon miles of forest surrounding it way down below & the yuge drop-off from the road. 40 yrs ago, I was commuting 1K miles from the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State south to Beserkeley in the Bay Area & had decided to take a detour up that mountain. After a while I'd had to let my beloved Pinto roll back into a turnout when she stopped answering the accelerator. My young son & I drank water & stared out across the landscape spread B4 us & waited... until two angels driving a Nissan pickup parked ahead of us, inspected under my Detroit Iron's hood & found the problem - something to do w/a spinning belt; took out the air filter & told me to put it back once down the other side. Shy to receive our thanks, they saddled up again & kept ascending while we slowly followed & stayed overnight at a camping site & got breakfast in the cafe. Never saw'em again & never forgot'em, either ;-0

Yes, visited a few years ago, absolutely breathtaking.


Wonderful image, thank you for posting.

Time 5:16

Great place
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Beautiful! It's on my list of places to visit.

It is truly one of the most beautiful places on earth. It is one of the places I try and make sure that people go see when they are visiting from out of state. Mary


Wow. Did you? It looks gorgeous!


Hi there, Sharen. It is beautiful there. Visited it on my western trip. Just wonderful to see.

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