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2015 Car of the Year

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Sounds like an expert opinion, willey! Thanks for the visit and comment.

Yes they do make dual tire chains, & as I have lived most of my life in the mountainous inland Northwest, I would suggest he install deep bar grip tires or install a dead axle ahead of the duals & add a set of rubber tracks, as found on tracked ATV's, though he has done a great job on minimum funds.


Would not have much use for this vehicle in the sun belt.


Good point, JM_C!

Jim, you and Irene made it a winner!

LOL to Robbos!

Do they make double wide chains, racoon?

ALL Wisconsinites know how to drive on snow. Most of them do it very poorly, though!


If its just packed snow without the ice we have in Kentucky, the chains may not be that necessary. I remember growing up in Wisconsin and having no problem driving on the snow there... without chains,.... while a dusting is impossible to drive on here.


A couple of thoughts...

Obviously, this must be a rear wheel drive vehicle.
But why didn't they put chains on the rear "dualies"?


Found in Wallmart carpark again....


This would be good for ice fishing.


Yes this is definitely a contender. ☺


Yikes!!! giggle!

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