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Trouble at Tiggs Pond Cascade (Ex. Small)

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©2020 Kyrin.
So there's mischief and trouble going on at Tiggs Pond Cascade. Grumpy Gus Gargoyle was just minding his own business by the water's edge when the two fairies decided what fun it would be to drench him.
Now you can add your part to the story hee hee

Background photograph courtesy of C. Vickers. I confirm that I made this digital image from a combination of internet copyright-free images and my own photographs. No unauthorised use of this image allowed without prior written permission of the artist. If you wish to use this image on your web page, you MUST include artist's name and link to the Viewbug page where it appears.

This puzzle can be searched under TroubleatTiggsPondCascade

Available sizes: 12, 80, 154, 266, 374 & 540
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Ha hah hah Yep ;-)


But sounds like a good idea, right? Little squirrel throwing the lantern at the fairies to help his friend... ?


Hahaha're imagination ;-)


Is it just my imagination or is that squirrel holding a lantern?? Love it, Hon!


So glad you like it my lovely friend XO

I love it that people want to put a story or captions to my pics! Please do :-D


NOW we know why he's mad - better keep out of his way for the next day or two.
Lovely little story woven around a great forest scene, thanks Christine. (✿☯‿☯✿)


Uh, so you know about my eyes... ;-)
(that's more banter, or dry wit)


Just teasing you my friend.....


Uh... um... ahh well... you see, I know it's there 'cos a lil' digital magic saw to it ;-)

Love it if my eyes were that great again!


I'm surprised you saw the little squirrel in the background. You have great eyes!


Yes! So good to hear :-D
There's also a Grey Squirrel in the background, but it's a bit blurry, which I figure is ok because it isn't meant to be part of the primary scene :)


I love the finished product! Now you can make out both fairies. Fantastic job, Christine. dj


I'm so happy you are liking this one - hugs of thanks for sharing your thoughts XOXO
That's great story contribution Birgit :)
Yes John, he certainly does! I appreciate the compliments from a fellow artist :)




well he has the "grumpy" part down pat lol well done Kyrin :o)


Grumpy Gus Gargoyle felt the water douse his head, so he growled and sputtered, and then splashed the pond like crazy....oh oh, the little fairies didn't get out of the way fast enough so some of Grumpy's water drops caught them unawares...


I like it. :0} Your storyline comes across with greater clarity.


Well done!


Well folks, after a LOT of reworking, here is the finished scene, again, with many thanks to Cyndi for kindly allowing me to turn her photograph of Tiggs Pond into this...
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(Jean, I know it's not probably your thing, but I wanted to include you in my works of art, thanks) XOXOXO

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