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Finn's Happy Birthday Dragon (Ex. Small)

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©2020 Kyrin.

This is a birthday greeting I made for my beautiful 'nephew' Finn, who turned 9 on Tuesday, 4th August 2020. He is writing a fantasy story in which some knights go after a bad dragon, and this might be the dragon for his story!

I confirm that I made this digital image from a combination of internet copyright-free images and my own photographs. No unauthorised use of this image allowed without prior written permission of the artist. If you wish to use this image on your web page, you MUST include artist's name and link to the Viewbug page where it appears.

This puzzle can be searched under FinnsHappyBirthdayDragon

Available sizes: 9, 72, 132, 224, & 360
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Oooh I do like "Blade of Kyrin"! Now you got me thinking about a pic to make with just that title ;-)


Just seen this one, so I thought I would have a go.

Nice picture, with the "Blade of Kyrin" prominently shown on the page.

Thank you for sharing.


Awe thanks Cyndi and Iris XOXO
Hey Cyndi, I've got a new pic filled with several gargoyles! Am just waiting on an email before I share it here :)


Magical Smiles!☺


I know Finn loved this birthday greeting.


Heh heh is funny me thinks, no?


In hindsight it couldn't have been a Light Saver. Because Anakin had one even after going to the Dark Side.
(well, unless it's also a kind of piggy bank - not so sure about that theory though. Not enough support from the midichlorians)


It was for August 2020; as far as I know he did like it :)

Thanks my friends xoxo


Oh, nice


I am sure he will love it.


Hah haha haah! which case I put a Light Sabre in place of the sword, yeah?
(...or is it Light Saver? As a kid I wasn't sure...)


Does Finn have a brother or cousin named Poe?
(just asking for a friend named George Lucas)


@JuXe and this is another one I had meant to tag you in :)


I'm told we have both of those in our blood, too :)
And thank you for the wishes... am having a lamb roast (with gravy) for dinner and chocolate mudcake after :-D
Ooh yummy!!


Happy Birthday, Christine. Hope you have a great one with all the trimmings...Coming from northern England and fair, yes, I'd say there might be some Scandinavian in there. I think Finn is also an Irish or Scottish name, now that I recall some of the history of the isles. :0}


Thank you Donna xo
It's was Finn's birthday on Tuesday, and Mine today!


Thanks Birgit :-D
I love fire too! And I agree, the flames on the black background really do help bring up the dragon. The sword is 'borrowed' (remember Glowstorm?). I forgot to include the bit about young Finn having written a fantasy story about some knights and a dragon - this might be the dragon I make for his book (if he likes it lol)
As for his heritage, it's quite possible he's got Scandinavian blood in him; his immediate family are from the north of England, and his Mum and Dad have fair hair. They're actually my Mum's cousins, but we all took to each other so well that I think of their kids as my nephews and nieces :)


Is today your Birthday??? If it is, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! Many, many happy years to come. dj


This is great, Christine. The fire (I love look at...hee hee hee) really enhances the dragon and embodies its domain, and then the sword is a weapon, but we don't know whose so an air of mystery, too.

Now, I've always associated the name Finn with Scandinavia, as I have an uncle and a couple of Danish friends by that name. Is there Scandinavian roots in your family, direct or extended family?


What young boy would not love to receive this. The fire looks so real with the dragon and sword in front. Incredible job!!! dj


That sounds amazing, I hope they give you permission too.


Thank you, thank you, thank you :-D
A few years ago I actually made a medieval picture of Finn out of priory ruins, a combination of Viking costume pieces (brooch for a shield, real sword, cape, Saxon helmet etc.) and added a tiny dragon up high in the background! I sent it to his parents for his birthday in 2016 - and turned it into a private puzzle for them all!
They loved it! I'm hoping they might let me share it here sometime :)


Wow, what a lucky little boy with such a talented aunt who can envision his writing.


Awesome! Vivid drama, colours & glow.
Finn is very verrry lucky to have "auntie" Kyrin!


Wow, any little boy would love this picture, Christine, its crystal clear and fierce - lucky Finn. ❤ ⌣ ❤


Thank you Cyndi :-D
Yes, this is what I'm hoping for, too!
All of 8 last year, he wrote a fantasy story about a knight who goes after a dragon - I had in mind to turn this one into it for him ;-)


Wow! Your nephew Finn is going to absolutely love this. Love your choice of colors in this. Hope you are well and staying safe. Hugs from the mountains in NC.


Hope you like it ;-)
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