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Fire Bender (Ex. Small)

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12 pieces
30 solves
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©2020 Kyrin.
Meet the Wizard of 2021!
I made this for my lovely friend, Ken, here in Jigidi, who loves wizards. He didn't know I was making this until only a few days before Christmas, as I wanted to give it to him then, and, after a couple of sample versions for his feedback, I completed the work on 31st Dec. 2020 and gave it to him them, just in time for the new year.
Thank you so very much, Ken, for kindly allowing me to share this with us here XO

This puzzle can be searched under FireBender

Available sizes: 12, 80, 154, 266, 336 & 475

I confirm that I made this digital image from a combination of internet copyright-free images and my own photographs. No unauthorised use of this image allowed without prior written permission of the artist. If you wish to use this image on your web page, you MUST include artist's name and link to the Viewbug page where it appears.
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  1. Kebawe0:14
  2. wshealy0:17
  3. jen70:18
  4. Bubble0:19
  5. JennyG660:20
  6. Ianto0:21
  7. Lenka4760:21
  8. mble1119110:23
  9. robf0:23
  10. e_mar100:24


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Wonderful XO


Thanks Chris, will let the others know he's ok 😍


Glad you like it Lovely XO
Yes, I emailed him the other week, as I was concerned for him too; he's okay, though had some work-related issues. Not sure when he'll return here but at least he's still around :)



Great fun Christine.
Do you have any idea whats happened to Rob (Robf) ? He seems to have disappeared and all I know is that he lives in Toronto. People are missing him.


Oh you're welcome! I'd have made it smaller if the puzzle-making program had allowed for it :)


Thanks, @Kyrin ! And, especially thanks for making such a small (fewer pieces) one. :-)


KYRIN AND KEN M. now my at sign wrote print. kudos to you both for a great avatar and a grand wizard... xxoo


It's been my pleasure, Ken, and I am very grateful to you for allowing me the use of your picture XO


It is I thanks to Christine's magic. She was such a sweetheart to do this and as you can, I even use it as my avatar


Oh my! Your keyboard, mine and a few friends of mine are not working properly! Very annoying, huh? I don't have the space bar or the Left Arrow!

I will let @kmccarrel tell you if it's him ;-)
(enough to say that the gentleman's face that I worked with here is quite the sweetest Silver Fox hee hee)

So happy you like this picture, it's one of my favs, both visually and because I learned some new techniques! (particularly the soft shadows and light on the face)


Great puzzle, christine - is that the real ken M. in the picture. Looks like a grand wizard with his power extending out around him. really like this my caps and upper keys are only working part time. If things look strange it is due to malfunction - not the typist - LOL




Thank you Lovely Lady xo

You do that Mate! Weave your magic and make it happen XO


Lovely avatar for a very special person ❤


I'm now a star. Taking it to Hollywood.


Well done!

Great work, Christine! Wow, Ken, you are a Fire Bender! Congrats!!


Christine is fantastic with what she does. I'm honored


The very image of a wizard! Congtarts to you both, Kyrin and Ken-


Next time anyone needs to go on a bender --- remember this!


Some of you may already be aware of this one, but here is the official puzzle release :)
@kmccarrel @beeld @Birgit73 @Bubble @BunnyLeigh @dhi @Donnajames @irisriver @Isaly @karencubbison @LinM @nanapuzzler @niccolino59 @oldnanalarissa @pasta @robf @sillychick @Sissel @SPaceDinVADerOne @TrevUK @twistinNturnin @mble111911 @myself1935

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