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Large Diversity.

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  1. davedave14:34
  2. agoldzwig22:24
  3. pkpm23:48
  4. TheTalkingTurtle24:28
  5. Soosbri25:41
  6. dotshell26:36
  7. JYKelly27:23
  8. justaboutfree27:25
  9. IanG28:54
  10. teaqueen29:43


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Nou, hier heb ik wel even over gedaan hoor Wammetje, maar was zo leuk om te doen. Ik snap niet hoe die dave op nr. 1 dat in een kwartiertje heeft gefikst. Knap hoor, ik red het niet, hoeft ook niet maar ik snap het gewoon niet.


Thank you Dotty for the kind words that you have given to me. I appreciate that very much. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope to be back January 2021. Keep well and healthy!! Dear greetings Wim.


Wim, I saw your comments and I want to wish you a good break--you deserve it after all the wonderful times you have freely given your Jigidi followers. I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy 2021, as well. I look forward to seeing you sometime in January! Dotty

Thanks for the update! Merry Christmas and Happy 2021 to you.


Thanks Jason for your kind regards and your good wishes. For you too MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Wim :-)

So glad to hear that you are OK.

Best regards,


Thanks very much SSMaki. Yes i am OK. I expect to return to JIGIDI early next year. There are some technical problems with my computer.And I myself have taken a break; I was ready for that. Just be patient, everything will be fine. Greetings and Merry Christmas. Wammetje!!!


Are you OK? There haven't been "wammetje new puzzles" for weeks, and I miss them dearly. I hope that you are well, and that you will be back, creating your wonderful puzzles. SSMaki


Thanks Wim


Thanks Szsand!!!


The 2 middle green boxes threw me off for a while, fun puzzle! thank you.


Thanks Adg916, thanks Jason!!


Thanks Dotty for your nice words and keep smiling!!


Thank you, Wim :-)


Really fun!! Thank you!


LOVED this puzzle so much, Wim! You know I always love your puzzles that use great color combinations in squares. I think that teal/purple is new--really liked that. I also really liked the double square design. Smiling! Dotty

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