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It needs to be put back

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  1. Dclo0:26
  2. hiccups0:35
  3. SoniaR0:36
  4. Kermit_h30:41
  5. introvertka0:42
  6. Ianto0:43
  7. WillEckerslike0:45
  8. vala880:45
  9. Juba10100:45
  10. cobra0:48


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So am I Lilli

I was only trying to get the entire post into the picture, Nev. I has no clue of what others will see. That is the fun of posting.
I haven't checked my inbox yet. So I will look.


Like many here, I too thought this was a sword from the olden days. After solving it appears to be a misplaced street sign. An enjoyable puzzle, Jolene. ♥♥♥

[I've sent you a 'private puzzle', but you are yet to respond. I think this is because it has not arrived in your "Notifications".
To see it, you will probably have to do this - click on your Jigidi name 'Ianto' at the top of the Jigidi page. Five boxes will appear, and 'My Profile' will be one of them. Click on 'My Profile'. Go to near the bottom of that information and you will find a box which says "Follow puzzles I comment on". You will likely find that that box is not ticked. Tick it. Below that, to the right it says "Save changes". Tick that.
Now go back to your own "Notifications" and look for a 'tag' from @albertwinestein. You will find that, and my private puzzle can be viewed there. Jolene, only you and I can see this puzzle.]


I am enjoying this running commentary !! 😃 Lilli 🌼


@lilliwebs and @Juba1010 I had to open the puzzle on the desktop! I solved it on my phone think merlin was lurking in the back keeping an eye on Excaliber!

Isn't he were you are?


I agree, Excalabra needs to be given back to Arthur Pendragon.



Maybe I am then:-))))


You only need to be the rightful Queen. It will slip right out of the stone.

Lilliwebs and Juba, I am not that strong. But I would have liked to.


I had the same thought as lilli.


Now I'm mildly disappointed...I thought you had found King Arthur's sword and pulled it out !! 🤪 Lilli 👑

That he has.:-)))

Lol. Don Quixote has moved on from windmills to parking spots.
(Cervantes had too many cervezas.)



It is for a parking spot.


Co to je?

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