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Our 2-yar old cat found the stash in the spare bedroom. This is one of two packages destroyed. And yes, it is into the hallway also!
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I have our 16-year old in my lap right now...I have to sit side saddle at the desk and contort my body to type so she can be up there. She can't wait for me to stand up so she can take over my chair. Fortunately, this one is a sweetheart. The one who did the TP destruction, we had to rehome to a wonderful older lady that adores her. Misty did not like our 16 yo and kept attacking her to where we had to bring her to the vet!

I think cats are just freaks in general, LOL. That's why I am owned by one of the freakiest ones of all, my boss Marlo Polo! I will make a puzzle of her soon. She dines on houseplants, real and otherwise. I had to give all away when she moved in. She chews up toilet paper so fast! I had to move the rolls from a bottom shelf to a top shelf. Funny thing is she won't touch salmon! She does love to lay on plastic grocery bags. Weird cat. I love her to pieces.


There just might be a chemical smell in the processing of paper that reminds them of catnip!!! Who knows what goes on in their head. It must be fun or they wouldn't do it. Any piece of paper whether just torn from a scratch pad is fair game!!! :-)))


I wonder what the fascination is? I always thought my sister's cat did that because it was hanging, but wrapped in plastic adds a new dimension.

Although, now that I am thinking about it, Sweetie loves newsprint flyers and bags with lots of ink on them. I wonder if there is a chemical smell that works for cats, in the treatment process?


All I can say is thank goodness she left one good package and this was before the TP shortage!!! The door was shut after this incident!! lol dj



racoonstar - You are a riot!

Ohmyheck! My cat eats paper towel, toilet paper, and silk plants! LOL. I love these cat puzzles,


I see what you mean.

Good thing this happened last year!

Oh my gosh, I love this scene. What a rascal... Thank you for the post. 10-14-19


Oh dear Mom xx looks like your sweet "innocent" munchkin had a lot of fun ☺☺

I just don't think about the playing enough...your older cat says it all, you're thinking...kittens have so much just spills out all over the place...Sherry :)))


sbwilner Does not sound to me you are a dud parent. Just a little play time with them per day and that should do it. Our little "monster" would only do this stuff when we were not home or we were sleeping when she knew she would not be corrected (never anything physical). She just got bored. Our older cat (avatar) wants nothing to do with her.

Just also want to mention, I put up the pole because Molly is only 3 and I realized I wasn't playing with her enough...she's playing with her toys alone pretty well, but probably not getting enough exercise...she really has to work at getting up the post and is now really good at it...makes up a little for having such a dud parent...I'm old and getting more infirm by the day...Sherry :)))

3 scratch posts all beside each other went unnoticed...worked on the furniture for a while...then went to the front door frame...that one was new to me...almost 2 decades with Rocky and Pebbles...never a sniff...then I put up a cat perch (floor to ceiling) and now no more furniture or door frame...just the posts in the perch...can't explain it...just really happy about it...and now she also loves to climb up to the second perch to sleep...oh, and her floor bed is a freezer bag...she just loves it...I'm living in whacky world, but loving it...Sherry :)))


My cats always taxed the furniture and door frames. Paper is easier to replace. :-)


Juba I think you hit the nail on the head....part it! I think I should change her name to that. She definitely fits the part!!! (see my other posts and you will see why) hahaha dj


She could be part hellion. :-)


peggysuss Oh, I can just imagine the fun she had. dj

Juba That she is...that she is! dj

racoonstar It is nice of me, isn't it! She can have her choice. dj

sbwilner Misty opens cupboards and doors (we have lever handles), anything that is not locked. There are 3 scratching posts throughout the house of various sizes and she uses them all. She is good though, she does not use the furniture! How did we get so lucky. :-))) dj

Jillian She is part something...I wish I could figure it out! :-)) dj


Oh no Donna, I think your little cat might be part monkey! :-)

again, I'm sorry...Molly opens cupboards, I'm so lucky she doesn't have scratch posts? ...big closed boxes to put things in...?


It's so nice of you to buy cat toys in bulk! :D


Little criminal. :-)


I can imagine your cat having sooooo much fun. LOL

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