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The “epic size” door to one of the great cathedrals in Venice
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  1. Hasli3:02
  2. racoonstar3:14
  3. downonthefarm3:20
  4. MaryR3:22
  5. norcaltype3:53
  6. pedro11114:06
  7. Kliban4:24
  8. cyndypo4:26
  9. vt11634:34
  10. rahas4:39


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It’s the tallest door I’ve ever seen, amazing in size!
I should have taken a picture of the hinges ;)
Thank you for the nice comment . .


This is my favorite. Epic-sized door is right! Italy has some of the most ornate architecture.....even apartments there have marble floors.


@silverfox19134, years ago I worked with a symphony conductor in Moscow and another one in St. Petersburg. The gentleman in Moscow sent a beautiful photo of children playing in the snow, with bright colored coats and the conductor in the other city sent photos of her fruit trees. I was pleasantly surprised :) I’d like to see your two photos from there, I’ll look for them after supper . .


That’s fascinating @silverfox19134 :)


Teagardener... The following year we went to Saint Petersburg Russia. This tour was arranged by a company in America called"RED October. We went with the same people and they arranged a private guided tour of the summer and winter homes of the Czar . I put up 2 pictures on Jigidi of the pictures in Russia. You needed sunglasses because the homes were covered in gold. We had to wear slippers over our shoes as not to scratch the marble floors and NO pictures were allowed inside. (They also asked the people to remain silent and just to listen to the tour guide. It was amazing.


@silverfox19134 Oops, you may not have gotten my reply . . I’m learning.


. . . Next time Linda, take me, please :)


Teagardener , It was a small shop not far from the gondola ride.It came already packed in a fitted styrofoam fitted box. We were there in September. We were a group of 6 couples and after Venice we toured by private mini bus all over Europe for 31 days. It was a trip of a lifetime we will never forget. We had so many souvenirs that we brought to bring home that we literally bought another suit case and paid the extra cost and shipped all the souvenirs home early. Linda


Hello Linda, yes Christmas was nice :) Was it you that teased me and said keep that snow up in Tennessee? Two minutes later, lovely snow drifted down :)) I had the chance to visit Venice in 2015, it was enchanting. The lines were hours long so we weren’t able to see inside the cathedrals and museums (same problem in Florence), but a guided tour and a black gondola ride made the visit special :) I’m curious what time of year you were there. And . . how did you get blown glass back home without breaking? Have a good afternoon ..


Hi Teagardener.. We visited Venice. It was so beautiful. Sorry I missed the door. We did go into the cathedrals .Breathtaking! We couldn't leave Venice without having a boat ride in a gondola, and having to buy beautiful painted masks and blown glass works. We Loved it! Hope you enjoyed the Holiday Linda

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