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This is north shore Bailey's Bay and where I learnt to swim before I walked according to my mom. Unfortunately the sandstone has eroded over the years since 1950s and looks junky. Back then the gully filled with water and created a nice swimming pool for all the neighbourhood kids learning to swim. In the 60s we would jump and dive from the tall rocks .


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That's for sure Suzy, thank you!


It may look different from when you learned to swim there, Robbie....but it's still a pretty scene, and one that holds good memories.


Yes PK and Val, time flies by and lucky to have the memories!


Wonderful child hood memories tfs


Amazing how time changes things ..


It was fun Jill and Lorna, but my brother was the daredevil, not me!


Happy sounding memories for you Robbie, though I think it is fair to say you are more of a dare devil than I am!


I can imagine it, what fun. Thanks Robbie


Hee hee, Thanks Ardy, Shian and your cool story Jacki!


I don't think my brother had the opportunity to learn to swim before he could walk. But then he never bothered to LEARN to swim. He just did it! The story goes that when we arrived at the beach he headed straight for the water, walked into it, and kept walking. When his feet could no longer touch the sand he just kept going using hands and legs and body motions to get his head out of the water now and then for a breath of air. My father was right beside him ready to grab him if necessary, but let him do it his own way. I took a little more time, and some instruction from both parents.


Oh I don't know about jumping off those rocks, Robbie, but your Mum wouldn't have allowed you to do so if it wasn't safe, and your still here :)))


I can see how it would make a lovely swimming pool. Things change but always for the better, Thanks, Robbie.