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Irish pub

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Will never forget this one. In a little town outside of Spiddal, my longtime friend Eleanor and I went in to have a drink and there was sitting by the window (you cannot see them), an older man and woman and a younger woman (3 sheets to the wind) and her child. As we were leaving, the woman called out "You're her, You're her". I said, what do you mean, she said "You know, those women on TV, Blanche". I laughed so hard. So from then on, a lot of people call me Blanche from the Golden Girls.
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Please sign in to comment. Don't have a profile? Join now! Joining is absolutely free and no personal information is required. has been a long while that I commented....I must correct myself. I live in N W Indiana.
Take care Nicepeach. Today is May 20, 2016...7:39 p.m.


I've always wanted to go into an Irish pub and order a root beer or something like that and see what kind of look they would give me. I've always wanted to go to Ireland period!!! I've heard it's a very beautiful country. Big hugs, Monica.


Hi Mary,

You left a message on my puzzle back in April. I just peek and saw your comment so I thought I'd say "Hi" so you wouldn't think me rude.

I've updated my bio.



Thanx, 'Blanche' aka Mary ~ wonderful story, bringing back ~I'm sure~ many fun/fond memories.


Funny story, thanks for sharing it :-)


A photo can bring back a ton of memories, Blanche! So were you being naughty while you were in there????


Thanks Barbie and Akan. It was a memorable occasion. 11 years ago. Ow.


Lucky you bevpuzzler, 1. You live in thePacific NW. Not sure which one, but my favorite is Oregon. I should have gotten their picture but my friend wanted to get out of there. They were totally harmless. Thanks, Mary


You must have brightened up their day, Mary. What fun.
Thanks and hugs.


How funny! Wish they were in the photo.

Well thank you Blanche....Smile you are on candid camera.
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