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Survived Day 1 in lockdown :)

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@nanab, thx BB :)

@Eloise62, sweet of you! I’m enjoying the downtime to catch up on things.

Take care Ms_Maddy. You are NOT hostage, you are a protected species! Keep safe, get well. Love your creativity.


Feel better soon Ms Maddy, sorry you're ailing.


I also needed to purchase wine 🍷 Now is not the time to give up drinking.


@Juba1010, still got a touch of bronchitis but will be utilising my hour of exercise to walk around the lake today. Got tested yesterday, it’s the right thing to do. Doc said, you don’t have COVID but, whatever, going to get getting tested gets me outside 🤷‍♀️😜👍


LOLOLOLOLOLO @ "sorry ncklace"

Sorry necklace.


does it come with matching earrings 😊 lol


How ya feeling Annie?

Cute earing.


2.5% of the Australian pop has been vaccinated. No further comment on that state of affairs.

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