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Geometric Rainbow

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  2. anettka851:38
  3. pilgriminca1:39
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  6. carthill1:44
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VermontMeow - you're welcome, thanks for visiting, and stopping to comment, I'm pleased to hear you had fun.


Thanks Pat, that "folding screen" effect was unexpected, but seems to have been quite populat, I wonder if I'll be able to do it again??? I'll forgive you for loving math.... it was my worst subject!!! LOL :~)


Great design for a fun little puzzle. Thanks a lot!


Super cool puzzle, Mandy! I love the folding-screen effect, and the double diamonds, and the shadings! And while geometry was my least favorite math subject (I otherwise loved math passionately!), I loved the title--and the puzzle!


Thanks pkin, it's nice to know you liked them.


Thanks, PJ. I 'm glad you like it. I just saw your latest and had to laugh!! Can only access via mobile phone, so I have to be patient for solving :-)


Great set thanks


What a great design Mandy; colorful, simple, intricate and lovely.


Thank you Kirsten, your comment is very much appreciated, I'm amazed at how well this is doing!! :~)


I love the "folded" look of the background, Mandy. And the "foil" look of the pattern. It's a masterpiece!! Thanks so much. :)))


This is great - what a fun rainbow!!


Mandy, I still have to reply to your last one! I'll head over there right now. :-)


Wendy... great minds!! I was just emailing you :~) I'm very happy you think this is unique :~)).

Judy, thankyou - I love all things geometrical too. I'll email you the "how to..."!!


Mandy, this puzzle is a true delight. I love the colors and your use of shapes. Did you do this in your paint program or GIMP? Your shading making the rainbow look creased. It looks like shading or a filter. Love to know if possible. The name is the first thing that attracted me. I am a retired math instructor whose favorite subject was geometry. Any time I see that word or parts there of, I get excited. So, the title was perfect for me anyway. Lovely puzzled. Thanks.


Mandy, this is such a WONDERFUL design....and unique to boot! :-)


Thanks Barb, my titling imagination deserted me when I tried to name this!! You could tell!! At least you loved the design, which is the most important thing. :~)


Unusual but lovely rainbow - love your design, Mandy. :-)

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