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Once the turkeys are gone...

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...the other birds flock to the feeders. Woodpecker, goldfinches, tree sparrows, chickadees and doves in this picture. One benefit: the turkeys have tromped down the snow below the feeder, making it easier for the doves to get at the seed spilled from the hanging feeder.

I'm not really happy with this sunflower seed feeder. Lots of access, but it really does clog with snow, making it harder to get at the seed - and if it melts and freezes....
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A busy place!


Love your word 'tromped', dondi! Yes, they all benefit. We are having a very strong wind storm atm. Heavy garden furniture blown over but all else ok so far. Had torrential rain earlier (so what's new?!)


I signed up, did a 15-minute count and submitted it. I'll do several more over the weekend. Thanks.


I wasn't - I read about it, and was going to pursue registering, but it got lost. Checking it now - thanks for flagging this event! I'd been wondering about contacting the Cornell Ornithology Lab with some questions, and how to correct their range maps (I'm not only a birder, I'm a Cornell graduate, so I have a soft spot for the organization) - this may solve the problem.


Are you participating in the GBBC today through Monday?

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