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Roadrunner Pair

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I was very fortunate to see a future mom and dad pair on my way home from the store stocking up on bath and kitchen cleaners. They were twittering around on the side of the road. Very wonderful!
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  1. liertje19782:26
  2. babray2:36
  3. slava22:44
  4. hadzi2:50
  5. calluna2:56
  6. Moon1013:11
  7. Impie3:17
  8. tonyjupe19404:00
  9. bbeeton4:35
  10. Phed18114:36


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Oh, Betty. That's probably hilarious to see. Take care as we all hunker down for the next month.

The house has calmed downed, but I wish you could have seen the leftover sleep positions! ☺♥☺♥


Wow, thanks for adding a bit more to my knowledge of these lovely birds, Betty. I hope things have now settled down in your house after all those partying kitties with the thundering paws have now gone home. ♥♥

We used to have a pair that lived at the lake, they are smart as a whip, extremely alert and are aware of anything going on within 100 yards. They ALSO will take on and kill Rattlesnakes! In rattler country they are BELOVED! ☺☺☺


Anne, I had not previously realised that there actually is a bird called a Roadrunner. My knowledge to date has only come from the cartoon character. Dah!!. What a handsome couple these two are. I learn something new every day. ♥♥♥

Always good luck to see these guys!!!


Oh wow, how wonderful, Anne. Very special....I only know one from the Roadrunner cartoons ...."meep, meep"


Good to hear!!


@calluna Yes, doing what needs doing to get by.


Wonderful, indeed, Anne! They're handsome! Hope you're keeping well!

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