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Scallywag Squad: Happy Birthday #1

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Does not seem possible that Little Mama did not show up a year ago and when she did it was obvious she'd had her kittens. Today they are all happy, healthy and inside, even Little Mama!
They are still earning the title of Scallywag Squad ... DAILY and teaching the big Kids bad habits!!!
Jet and Colleen will soon be going to Mama G's I expect. It has just taken longer than either of us expected.
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  1. liertje19782:29
  2. webpeggy3:18
  3. racoonstar3:25
  4. puppsgal3:32
  5. Val93:54
  6. babray3:59
  7. Warehouse4:04
  8. debdaz4:16
  9. calluna4:24
  10. Impie4:26


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Peggy, you are so welcome. They are all characters.


What a really cute puzzle of a bunch of sweeties! Thank you for tagging me.
TJ has facial expressions that remind me so much of my Pal.

Aw, thank you all for the wishes, the kids and Little Mama all appreciate the wishes, and be assured a party for all is very soon. Will set the date and make sure to tag everyone after this. ☺☺☺

Belated happy first birthday, gang! And congrats, Betty, on your successes with the Scallywag Squad. Maybe you can all extend the celebration for the rest of the week!

@Impie Thanks, Impie, for the tag. I had bookmarked the puzzle, along with many others from the many members I'm following, to take a look at later. I didn't realize its significance till you called my attention to it. I now see that Betty had made a great card for a great occasion.


Happy, Happy, Belated First Birthday Scallywag Squad!! What a lucky, awesome group of special kitties. Hope you had a wonderful day, filled with fun, games and lots of T.R.E.A.T.S ♥♥ :-DD

Thanks for the tag, Impie! No idea what happened!
Great card, Betty! I can't begin to imagine the antics those party animals got up to! .....and what the house looked like the morning after. LOL ;-))

@Carol66 @webpeggy @racoonstar @Mrgoodboy @Atsutsa




Betty, you could tag some of our friends like @calluna @tisketsmum @EllaMB @GOSPELGRANDMA @beyondwords just to name a few :-)))

Thanks Liertje, I think it is just one of those things. They had a good day anyhow and a first party to come!


happy birthday kids!
babray, I know the feeling when sometimes not a lot of people solve or comment on your puzzle. It's a real shame after you put in so much work to make this lovely puzzle. I guess it's because we don't post puzzles daily, so people stop following our pages after a while, and miss these great kind of puzzles.

That's what I'm figuring. I checked and the public was solving. Any suggestions?


I'm glad to hear that, Betty. I wonder why our other friends didn't comment, maybe there was a hick up with Jigidi???

I'm amazed as well, Impie! Their local party was a good one but we'll combine Tres's & theirs into one party very soon!


Happy Birthday to the Scallywag Squad! So glad you all are indoor kitties now! I hope you will all live happy and long lives in your forever home!

It amazes me, Betty, that I'm the first (and only) one to congratulate your little gang for their first birthday. I hope their first party was a good one! ♥☺♥

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23 December 2020 - 8 November 2014
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