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230124-13 Artis

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Today we zoom out to have an overview of the bigger part of the enclosure. Usually, I can be found a few steps ahead in this bend. It’s the ideal spot to watch our friends when they go for a swim, and have my conversations with Thong Tai when she comes for a drink and a chat.
Following the path, one gets to the stables and the corridor leading to Nikolai’s enclosure. Depending on where our friends are in the enclosure, I sometimes move to a different spot. Arriving in the morning at the left-hand corner in the back, I have to walk along the enclosure anyway to get to this point at the basin.
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  2. Omoli4:57
  3. ErieG5:13
  4. tankera6:12
  5. GeorgiaStumpf7:12
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Yes, there are always ducks on the water, @Artola. They are not at all shy, often swimming just in front of me, hoping for some food. Egyptian geese are visiting the basin as well. In the very right side upper corner of the picture, you see the round CCTV camera, but just in front of it, a heron is perched on the stone slab. They are looking for fish to eat, and in spring they fly in to steal small branches from the elephants for nesting material. Beside a sturgeon and catfish, the basin has a lot of koi. Especially children are often more interested in the colourful fish than in the grey elephants.


This a good view seeing the size of their home. The basin is a good size. Do I see ducks floating about in the water? Your description and the photo give a good sense of how you move about taking photos and interacting with family members. Now I can picture your point of view. Thank you Omoli, 😀


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