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"Big Wheels Keep on Turnin" (BOARDS) - XL

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....or are they targets? or eyeballs? hmmmm :))
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  1. Skruttan19:29
  2. sachooooo23:35
  3. Crazycatgirl28:46
  4. nicolejme29:30
  5. rocky131:52
  6. lulub33:40
  7. dianole36:02
  8. jltolsma36:17
  9. dkzon4u39:19
  10. Gaillou40:13


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At our house, we use the shovel for quite a few different things. LOL
You made me giggle, too! :))))


You know that snow comes along with the shovel, and that means shovelling! But thanks for the giggle :)))))))


Now I am jealous! Today is partly sunny, but usually the grey skies are monotonous and ever present. In fact, my hubby has a bit of seasonal affective disorder. But, along the coast, I don't mind grey skies and grey ocean. So, there is that. :))))
You know, I think I would even buy a snow shovel to get more sun. LOL


Yup, it can always be worse somewhere else. But as cold as our winters here in central Canada can be, I don't envy your rainy, grey weather. We get tons of sun during winter, and although that usually makes the days colder, at least there's no white stuff floating down! LOL


I know! When I whine about our weather, I always feel guilty. The East Coast? YIKES!!!!


Be thankful it's not snow and freezing rain!


Thanks, whatnauts. I would love to be on a beach watching a bit of surfing. Rain and grey skies get awfully dull. :))


Wonderful, rich colours. Definitely targets or surfboards. Thanks for the fun, JiggyBelle :)))))))


Lisabev, what a nice thing to hear! Thank you so very much. :))

I always do your kaleidos first and then the boards. I so enjoy seeing the colors and patterns repeated in a different guise. Thanks so much for sharing.


Gail - thank you so much! I am so happy you like them. See, I am smiling! :)))))


I adore these, Jan! Thank you:)

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