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Eye in the sky

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Karawatha Forest, Queensland

Vegancachers, OrionJ, TeamARF, and Ms Maddy (aka Ms Muddy)
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  1. glenestele0:36
  2. Grump0:37
  3. Gulliver0:41
  4. wizardjt0:44
  5. morris1860:46
  6. sunlitranch0:48
  7. Pekaji0:49
  8. introvertka0:51
  9. treker0:52
  10. jen70:53


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That’s the day we logged IT!

We entered the tunnel under Kangaroo Point at ebb tide around 5.30 am and later on ended up at Karawatha. Got some amazing pics of inside the tunnel under the road 😳

Last Sunday night VC, KerryMG, Nikid1 and I had an online catchup to watch the Survivor finale.

@Ms. Maddy
I know that motley crew!
Reminds me, I have to give Denis a call.
Did you get the final for the It multi while you were there?


I'll say.

:::shivering with the terror of the thought of it:::


Terrifying. Worse than being stuck on a rock.

Not good.


It RAN OUT?????????

that must have been frightening.


Only until the cold beer ran out.


How long did you have to remain on that rock before you were rescued?


I think geocachers could be defined as wildlife 🤔


Fun pic, just another day out with the boys.
NatGeoWild had a great show on about the topography of Australia and some of the wildlife that inhabit certain areas, very entertaining.

I bet.


That was a crazy morning.

Having fun?

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