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unknown shrub?
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  1. mariolyn17:37
  2. Bemusement20:21
  3. Ianto23:17
  4. JAT77723:36
  5. adean29:46
  6. bluebird4430:36
  7. edithunderdal41:23
  8. viv2351:26
  9. TessOB1:37:59


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Some variety of elderberry? I've had volunteers in the L.P., and their leaves look similar....


Had many look at this plant/shrub. No identification yet. The berries/fruit turn from green, to red to black. It's about 10ft in height. Partridge are the only ones I've seen eat the berries. Sure would like to know what it is. It's a very hardy plant up here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

What is the name of this plant? Where does it grow?

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