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First day of school

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At a local farm where we delivered some sweet corn today. No idea what or why this is? If you look close you'll see a second cow on the inside of the bus. Have fun, Dave
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Old age is coming for all of us, db. I'm glad that my silly cow puzzle could help you enjoy your day. Thank you for playing and dropping a note. Take care, Dave ";"


A fun puzzle I love JIGIDI and all the folks that post puzzles for me to do
Can't do much anymore old age has caught up with me
Thanks for sharing


They had a small garden, Bomber. We took them 20 dozen, real local to bros place. Yes I agree I think the fellow on the outside is a steer. Not all steers are docile for sure. Thanks everybody for playing. Dave


This cow looks more like a steer. It's huge.

How come you were delivering corn to a farm? Was the farmer selling it at a farmer's market. You'd think he might have corn of his own.


What it is, is an abandoned school bus. Why, because this was the last stop. 😉
Cowabunga Dude!
And I agree, not a friendly looking cow. What some people don't realize is that cows can be deadly.
A few years back, one of my friends' husband got worked over by a cow and that poor guy is lucky he survived. I think it broke about every bone in his body.
Fun puzzle, Dave!


Haa, he does not look friendly. Fun pic. :)


Love cows! This is so nice! 😎👌


This is fun! Thank you! 💖


I wanted to go and look inside but the Sentry standing there did not look super friendly. Thanks everybody, Dave


Is there even room for these cows to turn around in here? (Must be, as it appears there's only one way in and out.)


It’s like a cow club house. Party’s on!


What a great shelter from the sun and cold. The bus looked sad at first, but it's been recycled and given a new life. I hope there are no sharp edges in there.

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