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travel around the world ??

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  1. ljcowles2:26
  2. limpduck2:33
  3. racoonstar2:45
  4. slava22:50
  5. Ilikeboats2:52
  6. Mladipryc2:54
  7. rajinder3:02
  8. kareng3:06
  9. toman3:11
  10. Noahboddi3:11


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But I could also assume that at this point the bridge is located in Ecuador ... at least the vegetation and the type of bridge could indicate South America ...
And yes, I think it's an authentic photo ...


@PzzlGrl - from zooming in on the puzzle after solving, the black bars supporting the deck of the bridge are steel, and the cables holding it up are also steel.
While the bridge may sway and even sag a bit as you cross, I wouldn't call it rickety. :)

If this is a real photo, not photo-shopped, then I'm amazed at the balancing act! All items' weight would have to be perfectly balanced to keep it on that rickety bridge.


The photographer is Andres Hammerman, who appears to be the co-owner of a inn located in Chugchilán, Ecuador.

I did not find any information about where the bridge is located.


Thanks for the car ... but now you should also find this bridge (so I could avoid it !!)


1980 VW Westfalia Camper Van


The car ... I really don't know ... on the FB I found the series of campers a little here and a little there ... I liked it.


Awesome photo but you won't catch me on that bridge.


Mid '80s VW Westfalia Camper van?
About 1,400 kg/3,100 lbs. Plus the weight of the passengers and their gear.

Does everyone know how to swim?

You couldn't pay me to be in that vehicle!!! What a picture!

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