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Church and churchyard, St Helen's, Llanellen

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The Church in Wales church is located in the village of Llanellen, about 3 miles south of Abergavenny. One commentator has described the unusual tower as "corbelled, pinnacled and crocketed ... curiously at odds, in size and style, with the rest of the church."
The church is dedicated to Saint Helen (Latin: Flavia Iulia Helena Augusta) also known as Saint Helena, Helena Augusta or Helena of Constantinople (c 250–330). She was the consort of Emperor Constantius, and the mother of Emperor Constantine I, the first Christian Roman emperor.
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Three churches in a row, Castle Street, Abergavenny
From left to right; Methodist Church, Abergavenny Family Church, United Reformed Church, and the School Room - now an architect's practice.
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Happy birthday Phyllis!
You have a Tenstar puzle!!


I'm fine Janet, hot but fine. I'm glad you had a little rain, we always feel uneasy if we've not had much rain before Christmas, and then have to take steps in case of drought.


Hi Nev, yes the steeple does look a bit out of place, I don't know what the story is there.

Hello Luni - They sure knew how to build in the old days, and their buildings have lasted better than some of the newer ones too.

Hi Denise, your comments are the same as those of Nev and Luni.

Llanelen, St Helen's Church - records with the NLW [National Library of Wales]
Baptisms Marriages Banns Burials
1766-1959 1754-1971 1825-1976 1766-1922
Bishops Transcripts 1696, 1725-31, 1733-45, 1747-1860, 1862-70 - records with the NLW

But here you all are - The bell tower, which is a much later Victorian addition, houses two bells, inscribed with the names of two churchwardens, and dated 1652 and 1662. There still remains a projection on the south side showing where the stairs led to the rood loft, and also an ancient base to the font, rescued from the churchyard.


It's looks show how it withstood the so many years of physical and climatic pressures. Am amazed at the architectural construction of olden days, they really are designed to last long...thanks Phyllis for sharing.


This also looks old Phyllis and the little tower looks as if it doesn't belong there☺☺Thanks and hugs


What a beautiful little church thanks Phyllis. I love how the tower sticks out a bit from the roof. It looks like it's balancing up there. Hugs Janet.

Are you keeping well? We got some rain today, but need a lot more to break the drought, but it was most welcome.

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