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The Cat Next Door

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My neighbor's kitty lounges on her deck and keeps an eye out for the birds eating at my feeders. She is a very pretty and sweet girl. Unfortunately, she doesn't get enough attention from her owners. As soon as she sees me outside she comes running for some pets. However, the more I befriend her, the less birds I have coming to eat!
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  1. hamcar3:53
  2. kos514:25
  3. bintoff4:35
  4. catwoman25:26
  5. Lowmil6:27
  6. mllor6:27
  7. Pammi6:34
  8. Arug6:41
  9. ZiziNancy10:46


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She really is an awesome cat and very, very sweet. I already have 3 indoor cats. I love them all, but I cannot rescue them all. Of course, all 3 of mine are rescues. Yeah, it is hard to not give her attention!


Oh, this furry girl is such a total delight. How could anyone deny her attention. She is absolutely gorgeous and I would steal her away if I could. ♥♥♥

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