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~~ೞ What happens in the grass ೞ~~

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The small caterpillar almost merges with the stem, betrayed only by the yellow spots with which it adorned its "coat"
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Marina, thank you, I'm very glad you like the photos of those little "creatures" ♥:))


I love your photos with all these small insects..


Rebecca, thank you for your beautiful words, I was very pleased. You are right, they are "unloved" but very important for the planet's ecosystem. They are pollinators, cleaners and food for many other animals. Without them, the whole system would collapse. And they are also beautiful ... even though we have an aversion to them. I send greetings to you and to your beloved rescue doggy, Willy ♥:))


Deanna, your pictures of some of the more "unloved" critters are just wonderful! Thank you so much :-)

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