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thanks reddit
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Sorry M_J_Wigger, but all I see is nature, deep and complex, against which ideas like "god" are at best quaint. I appreciate your good wishes, and I sincerely return them, but you should consider keeping your religion a little more private, your fervor is spilling out on people who don't share it. You would feel weird if I started gushing my ignosticism and antitheism all over you, and that's why I refrain from doing it. You might even feel offended. I feel a little weird and offended by your comment (I'm a guy who doesn't like the chauvinism of old religions). It doesn't really matter much, but this is not a gospel site, it's a puzzle site with people from all over the world, and your particular religion is not universally accepted as the norm.

Absolute beauty from God! Praise His name for blessing us with His beauty. Thank you so much for posting this so I could see it. I enjoyed solving it. God bless you and your family always.

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