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Smoke Haze in the Desert

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On the day I took this photo, I went out at 4 pm to get my mail. The normally brilliant desert sun was obscured by smoke haze from the California fires to make it possible to look at the sun wihtout hurting my eyes. My best wishes to all who are having to endure worse during this year's fire season.

Quail Creek, Arizona
September 12, 2020
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Nice to see you, Toto.


Thank you, Marilyn. Stay safe and enjoy the New Year on the plains.


Have a Happy Healthy New Year.


Thank you Raaike, Beekay and Pumpkinhead. I do hope you all had a wonderful holiday. More meds have helped stabilize the tremor a bit, so was actually able to give my dear Jack a long needed haircut this morning without putting any serious nicks in his scalp. He is grateful, as am I, for having you for my friends.


Toto, also a Merry Christmas from me, with a big Christmas hug ! :-))) ♥ ♥ ♥


Merry Christmas Toto♥♥♥ You have been missed!!!


Peck away, girlfriend, whenever you are able. Merry Christmas....and may 2021 be a bit better for all.


I am. Have had some problems with increasing tremors which have made using the computer hard. Am still at the pecking stage but will try to show up more often.




They've had some rain in the northwest which will greatly help the fires in the States of Washington and Oregon. California remains dry and on fire. I can't imagine what stress the population must be under right now.


We see terrible images of America here, with so many fires.
I hope it will be over soon and I wish the best of luck to all those affected. :-l ♥ ♥ ♥

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