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Twill Weave... 'twill confuse ☺

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Inspired by this woven puzzle created by Shirley (Shian2).

Thanks, Shirley ♥
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  1. Janiner11:04:14
  2. jrush1:06:51
  3. jessparchesky1:12:26
  4. PrairieLily1:12:33
  5. Gingerdragonfly1:17:08
  6. gjay4031:20:29
  7. lbilly1:20:38
  8. yroets1:20:56
  9. reginar1:22:00
  10. rozum1:22:03


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Thanks, jiggimom! I enjoyed making it more than solving it - bit off more than I could chew there :-) Kudos to you for solving it AND enjoying it!

That was truly an awesome, most fun puzzle to do. I love the dots and stripes and all the color combos. Thank you for creating it, the size was great too. loved it!!


Not to worry, I made it and never made the leader board either ☺
As long as you had fun solving it, you're a winner. Thanks, Buttonsss.

I'll never will make it to the Leaderboard, but I enjoy your puzzles.


Thanks, WW! Hand drawing the weave was a challenge but I saved it to used again. The crafty way to go like "cook once, eat many times" which I love to do :-)

Love your interweaving designs! Thanks for making them.


Thanks, mate! The plain and simple (?) ones do seem popular ☺


Now THAT is what I call a crowd plkeaser foxy!........409 of us! Terrific puzzle, thank you mate!


LOL... monsters don't scare you, oldnana! Well done!


This was a monster. But I did it. Thank you for posting.


Mmm, must try harder to bring stars to your eyes, GF... I know...
Short of thumping you (which I'd NEVER do!) I'll make a starry weave puzzle for you, mate :-)


More than welcome, jandoe :-))


Good onya, Fred!! Thanks ☺


Confused maybe, but not seeing stars at least! Thanks Chrissie buddy (*~*)


Thank you!


Confused, but not defeated!!! Very challenging, and very enjoyable, thank you :-)


LOL... very loud!
Too clever ☺
Thanks heaps, Brie.


I think I need a trip to SpecSavers! Great puzzle - thank you :o)


Janet, you have a gift for making me laugh! Thanks, buddy ☺


Thanks, lollipop - the slower we solve means the more fun to be had :-)


Thanks, yopee. If you take GoldenCat's advice (comment after yours) your eyes will recover :-)


Great fun, thank you . And now I shall go and lie down with my eyes shut for a while !!
Cheers, Janet :))

Great puzzle. It took me quite a while to finish it but I enjoyed every minute of it.

That was a hard one on the eyes, but I finished it.


Thanks, newdeal. I am pleased you enjoyed the challenge. Good for you doing the big size! It took me forever to solve ☺

Very nice! A pleasurable challenge. Thanks, foxymoron!

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