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Tigger Sept 2020

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  1. janejig8:03
  2. GrandmaJo8:49
  3. yarnover8:57
  4. mrsvarney99:44
  5. southernjo10:33
  6. Carol6610:40
  7. beyondwords11:43
  8. jfd38612:52
  9. essendonbendigo14:25
  10. Judyly14:27


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That is high praise and Tigger thanks you too.

Thank you, everybody, for all the stories. I still have two more puzzles to do of Tigger looking out from his house. So I'm expecting more stories. (I don't usually do multiple variations like this, but I can't resist this set of puzzles.)

judyly - It is so wonderful when they get along. My very first afghan hound used to play like crazy with my calico kitten. Patches would scoot across the floor with KC chasing her - her little tummy would be all wet from slobber. They had a ton of fun.

I got Java when he was five and took him to the emergency vet so they could see a healthy dog and also so Java could meet the lab cat who I knew would not be afraid of dogs. Once Java met that cat he was fine - he would look at them on our walks then look at me as if to say: "Ok I know what that is."

We had a chow puppy that our three-legged cat would drag down the stair by her ears. I kept telling the cat, she was going to be in trouble when the puppy got bigger but they truly adored each other and played all the time without hurting each other. I can't break the dog we have now of chasing the cats that get into our yard. That is their God-given right I am afraid. I can't let them in the yard without checking for cats and one of our dogs gets out to go after one that jumps the fence to get out so I almost have to stay outside with her to keep her for jumping the fence. Even with an electric fence around the top. I love it when they get along.

judyly. Thank you. Java was a very sweet dog and he let Tigger run up and jump up and bat him on his chin. He often gave me that "really" look when it happened. They were great together.

I can tell you and Java were really sweet to him. You are a sweet person! Thanks for sharing that information.


Yes - I totally get that. *♥*

Pammi - Tigger is the best.

judyly - I will give him lots of love from you. He is a very special boy. Tigger used to live nextdoor and I always found it odd that the neighbors would be putting him out the front door at about the time I used to take my afghan hound, Java for his late night walk. Tigger loved Java and we used to go on walks together with Tigger running ahead and climbing trees then hopping down as we caught up. Fast forward and the neighbors were foreclosed on and they took the dog, the other cat and abandoned Tigger. So happy he had Java as he mourned the loss. I tried many different foods but he refused to eat till the day my neighbor down the street (who was feeding a feral) complained that Tigger was eating grey kitties food. I asked what food she was using and it turned out to be Meow Mix, so I got a bag, filled a bowl and opened the slider. Tigger rushed in, ate all the food and took a nap in the spare bedroom. He was indoor/outdoor till he got an abscess on his cheek on Thanksgiving Day in 2018. He is inside now but we take walks. Sweetest kitty ever - waits for me to come to bed.


What a darling you are, Tigger. I am really happy that you now have your very own house but you can still see what is going on around you. Isn't it nice to have such a loving family? ♥☺♥☺

Our next-door neighbor has a cat that looks just like him. I would love to cuddle him and give him treats but our dogs would have him as a toy so I have to be mean to him to keep him out of our yard. I feed their cats when the neighbors are gone on vacation. I get up early and go to their house to feed the cats and hurry home before they come out to eat so they won't see who is feeding them. Teaching the cats to not like me, makes me so sad. So give your kitty a treat for me, okay?

judyly thank you. Tigger is a sweetheart. He loves his new house. The AC was bothering him and he was hiding under the bed so I bought him a house and he loves it.

Such a pretty cat. Thanks for sharing.

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