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Saturday eve. Post cover. Dec. 27th, 1947

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Have fun, Dave
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Thanks jals, puzzle and Merrie, D


I don't remember those at all, Merrie. Sounds like technology has improved things for this position at least.
We went shopping a week or so ago and the stores Hubby went in, he said no one wanted to help him. So he walked back out without spending any money. He said, this is one reason brick and mortar stores are going away and more people are shopping online.

I remember all the salesgirls having those sales books...brim-full of separate notepapers and special orders all held in with paperclips and rubberbands. This poor lady will not be leaving the store anytime soon, because she will have to log in all those sales she made (by hand in those days) to receive her commission. That is one exhausting chore that computerization has eliminated.
Thanks for the puzzle, D!


I know that feeling! She is done!


Thanks Racoonstar. I was trying to figure out if she was a waitress, nurse, or what?


Great vintage picture! :)


Thanks for looking it up rstar. Its from a 2007 calendar but it doesn't actually have the title on it. Thanks pasta, D


Somethings never change!☺☺


"Tired Salesgirl on Christmas Eve, 1947"

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