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Happy Birthday, (ringleader) Ardy!

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*bark bark bark bark bark bark bark!* (Happy Birthday from Darcy, too!)

Every time mom says your name, I think of blue flowers. So I found some in mom's files...

Have a Happy Birthday, Ardy!
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I'll brace myself. I did want you to see this. For you I used your profile name. Your Mum has told me you are pretty careful about internet use of your real name.


Darcy is a butthead, I hope Mom warned you. He likes to jump and gets excited easily. Mear-mear is much calmer and gentler.


Thanks, Laura and Michelle. Bexter, I like the idea of you seeing blue flowers when you hear my name. It will be so nice to meet you and Darcy in person. I sometimes wonder if I can wait until fall. Wish I could still feel comfortable driving long distances alone. I used to think nothing about running up to Masschusetts for a weekend. Toronto is about the same distance as Boston only west instead of east. I'm so tempted. Sending some get well HUGS.


Blue...hmm...wonder if that's a favourite colour of yours, Bexter? Or is that green? Oh yes, you combine them for the teal that you love so much! I think that we're going to have to plant some more lovely dark blue again this year. Blue and pink again?? *sigh* I wish that the planting season was here now...

It will be so nice for you to meet her, too, Ardy. Proud mama here speaking! ☺♥


Wow, such deep blue flowers! I love them. Happy Birthday, Ardy!


Bexter, this is a lovely surprise to have a greeting from you and Darcy. I'm looking forward to meeting you both this fall. I love blue flowers. Until my hair turned white any color was OK as long as it was blue. I still love blue. Thank you so much. Hugs to you and Darcy.

Thanks, Francine.

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