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Green Gables of the Wrigley Estate

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The Wrigley Estate is a collection of 6 properties that claim the most lake frontage on Lake Geneva. Under William and P.K. Wrigley, the family built one of the most famous fortunes in the country. At the time of his death in 1977, P.K. Wrigley’s fortune included the Wrigley Chewing Gum Company, The Chicago Cubs, Wrigley Field, The Wrigley Building in downtown Chicago, significant real estate holdings in downtown Phoenix, Arizona and most of Catalina Island off the coast of Southern California.

Green Gables is the next property on the Wrigley estate and was P.K. Wrigley’s main residence at the time of his death in 1977. The current home is not the original Green Gables; the original home dated back to 1892 and was built for the multimillionaire sportsman C.K.G. Billings, for which Billings, Montana was named.

William Wrigley, Jr., the founder of the chewing gum company, purchased Green Gables in 1911. The original home was torn down in 1955 and the new home was completed in 1966. At the time, the home was considered “state of the art”. Everything from the flagpole to the draperies were controlled electrically.

In the years following P.K.’s death, the home changed hands several times. The current owners are longtime residents of the Lake Geneva area and have recently completed a major restoration of the estate
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Just wanted to point out that the photo shown above is not Green Gables. This one is Hillcroft which sold last year (2018) for $11.25 million. It was part of the original Wrigley estate but not the one you are referring to in the description above. Green Gables is located next door to the above estate.


Oh that is my kind of house - how beautiful


It's fun to dream !!! : ))))


WOW! This one is huge. Fabulous house, thanks Lyndee, They are all so beautiful. hugs,

Done x


There were six of the Wrigley homes all in a row, but I didn't get pictures of the other three. Maybe I was changing camera batteries at the time we went by them.


Great set Lyndee! I am happy just looking at them! can't afford!!

Just a room with a bath would be nice. Don't suppose that will fly though.


Thanks for the info lyndee!


And this one ....



Can't wait to see it, Lyndee....LOL


This is probably the one I like of today's posting too Pumpkin.
Barb, I don't think this one is for sale, but tomorrow I will be posting one that is not only for sale but the owners are asking a mere $12,200,000......maybe you would be interested in it. :)


This one is my favorite too and for the same reasons Suzy stated. I just love it....maybe I should inquire if it is for sale, if so, I may be interested (~‿•)


This one is my favorite!!! The chimneys, roof lines, weathered siding, location....just perfect!!! It's nice that folks appreciate the fine old homes, and have the ability to keep them up and restore them. Thank you, Lyndee.

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