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comfort and friendship

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  1. lindaleigh11:47
  2. grammyb13:00
  3. mbhegeman13:19
  4. Tweety14:55
  5. lonesally15:31
  6. tyra16:11
  7. beyondwords16:56
  8. BlauweRegen17:49
  9. jhiers19:09
  10. charan19:36


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Hello Patsy from Calgary.
You are so good to me. Please, keep on leaving comments on every cat, dog, cow, horse and birds you want. Because they all belong to the world of living souls . Just like us, humans, they have feelings, feel pain and express so much love to us all. No indeed, you are welcome to talk about my cats past and present. I am going to look for two photos I received last year from the shelter, before they agreed to send Mowglee and his best friend Luna over to me. My name is Marie-Jo and "we" live in the heart of Paris, in a flat where those two rascals are having a ball.
Keep an eye on M'rabelle75 (not my age, but the area code for Paris) and have a nive and peaceful day.

So sorry to hear about both Pouillette and Titounet. I can feel your heartbreak from back then, and your love for these two cats. You published some very nice puzzles of both, which I will continue to do over the next months. But maybe you'd prefer that I not comment on them, or a couple of other cats I see in your past puzzles.

Congratulations on the additions to your family, Mowglee and Luna. They've been with you almost a year now. Senior cats can be very special. I understand about not having a camera. My partner takes all the photos of our cats and sends them to me. But it would be really nice to see Mowglee and Luna. Wishing the three of you all the best, Patsy in Calgary, Canada

Dear Beyondwords, Unfortunately, no.
Pouillette died in December 2016, and Titounet (yes, the one in the front) died in June 2019. I was heartbroken, felt so sad and .... useless as well. The Jigidi friends helped me a lot to live with ... absence. They told me "the furry friends were waiting for me on the other side of the rainbow bridhe .... Despite the sorrow, I registered in a shelter and said I was available for two cats, And on Nov 1st 2019, I got two gentle senior cats, both having been abandoned. The male, Mowglee is a black fluffy darling and Luna, a grey girl who purrs like crazy. I was blessed because they immediately accepted me and thus, took posession of the flat and me. So you see, my life with them is great and happy. Thanks for your comment and take care of yourself. PS, As I don't have a camera any more, I cannot post pictures of them.

Pouillette in back, Titounette in front? Just a couple of boxes, no extra padding, but comfy enough for these two.
Are these two still in your household? Any updates?

very nice

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