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  1. laurajane0:09
  2. Robbos0:12
  3. moon89620:14
  4. Janazlouky0:16
  5. PLG19580:16
  6. cevas0:17
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  8. maryoz20140:18
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Thanks Cathy:)))


They're both beautiful !!! thanks Rob.


Thanks snooker, Ank, smllpkg ( I think we all feel that way smllpkg!!!), Patti, Suzy (LOL!!! I was hoping you'd miss these - didn't want to cause you any pain!!), LOL!!, snooker - I'm only just starting!!! and Dave:))))


I'm in! But I see the competition is already tough! Nice colors, Robyn!

Azalea wars - pumpkin is already saying they win a prize.


Prize winning azaleas, Rob!


Just beautiful, Robyn!!!


Even after more than year on Jigidi, I still do a double-take when I come across puzzles from somewhere where people experience opposite seasons from us. These azaleas are lovely.


Very pretty and the colours are real beautiful.

A great display - so pretty.


They sure do Jana - thanks ♥☺☺


Azaleas are beautiful, always have amazing colors, thank you so much Rob ♥ ☺


There sure is a lot of different colours Shirley!! Every time I go to the plant section of Bunnings I seem to see a new one!!! Thanks!!


They are a really beautiful flower and there are so many different colours, all beautiful, Thanks, Rob.


Thanks Marian - they're a bit raggedy this year - owing to the dry lead-up to Spring!!!

Yes they are Laura:)))) and Spring has definitely arrived!!! We have temps in the mid to high 20's this week - 77F to 85F!!! Thanks!!

Thanks Barb - there's a lot of plants in flower right now - the recent rain really helped!!!

I'm really pleased they survived the trip Janet - and I'll let Toyomi know:)))) Thanks - but I really don't want anything in return:))) I know they went to a very good home:)))) Thanks Janet!!

It sure looks like it Beekay....if we could just organise a little more rain:)))) Thanks!

That's good to hear Nev - I always like the display they put on!! Thanks!!


Happy Spring!


Rob, I left a message on your camellias. The Crucifix orchids arrived safely today, thanks so much! They are looking good and will do well. Love the colour of the flowers too. Please thank Toyomi for me. Thanks to you too, for your kindness in posting them to me. Please think if there's anything you'd like in return. Many thanks and hugs, Janet.
These Azaleas are fabulous!


Wonderful, beautiful, spring azaleas.... :) Thank you Rob! I'm looking forward to your spring and then summer flowers and birds :) TIA!


Robyn, your azaleas are out! Spring really has arrived. And they are sooo pretty!


Beautiful vibrant flowers Rob...thanks.

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