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  1. minsann2:11
  2. eyespy2:15
  3. spotto2:24
  4. lindaka2:32
  5. Tbmccord2:32
  6. amyp2:40
  7. tullebobs2:40
  8. chrisLDR2:52
  9. Surreal_Heidi2:55
  10. durpnurp2:57


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Dear HeyJudeNM, sorry I haven't been around. Off pain pills two days now, when you feel better, it is hard not to take them anyway. I can't walk far, too weak, but not the kind of pain that requires delaudid either. Hugs xxoo PS I do keep my dear Jigidi friends in my prayers always, very special people, lots of love.


we haven't formally met, but you've left fomments on a few of my puzzles, and to my chagrin, I don't think I aswered. I want you to know I really enjoy your puzzles. I read your comments to June, and wanted you to know we have more in common than Jigidi. I'm on oxygen 24/7 because of a paralyzed right diaphram. It doesn't hurt unless my tank unexpectedly runs out. However, due to multiple causes, I also must take pain medications and face all the struglles of having differing levels of pain throughout the day. I must adjust my meds accordingly, but it is still a skill not fully accomplished. If you ever want to talk, I'm here and know what your life must be like in that area. I'm glad you are part of Jigidi and have the ability to create and the wonderful community to encourage.

Praying for improvement,


Kitty and piglet, so cute. 3:06


Lots of little piggies tonight,Josie. I just got home from rehearsal and found this delightful puzzle waiting for me. Thank you, my friend. I surely did enjoy it. Love the picture of the cat and the pig. Sweet.


Another fun solve .... thanks, Josie! :-)

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