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Mango the Eclectus Parrot

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At Hartley's Crocodile Farm north of Cairns.
Mango was a real cutie - he wasn't tethered nor had his wings clipped - so was as free as a bird!!!!!
He called out when he saw people coming near, and bobbed his head and flapped his wings ever so slightly - a real camera magnet!!! And he knew it!!!....but he was gorgeous!
He was about 1 metre above our heads.
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I'm glad you think so Jana - thanks :)))

I felt like tucking him into my bag Allie:))))) Thanks :))))


Gorgeous! a real beauty!! :-)


He's really wonderful, thanks Rob ♥♥♥


Thanks Cathy - it's nice to be back:))))

Oh he was real Lorna - and loud:)))) Thanks :)))

Thanks smllpkg:))))

Thanks Chrissie - this guy was so tame that I asked the attendant if he was wing-clipped!! so I was really thrilled to learn he was free!! Thanks :)))


What a bewdy! They're not native to where we live in WA but there are some in a nearby wildlife park in a huge walk through aviary. Such rich colouring!


Gorgeous bird!


He is so magnificent I wasn't sure he was real!


Yes, I agree. He is a cutie.
Great photo! Welcome back Rob! ☺☺☺


Thanks Nev:)))

We went there last when Jeremy was in Primary school Janet - so it's years since our last visit too! Thanks :)))

Thanks Barb - if only all the birds posed like this I'd be in 2nd heaven:)))) Thanks:)))

Lunie - Wikipedia says - The Eclectus parrot is a parrot native to the Solomon Islands, Sumba, New Guinea and nearby islands, North-eastern Australia and the Maluku Islands. He was a real beauty - thanks :)))

Ha!! He could have hung out with all the Lorikeets here:))) We still feed dozens of them!! Thanks BK:))))

Hi Sally - this was my 1st time seeing one 'in the flesh - or feathers'!!!! Thanks:)))


Hey, Rob... Good to see you... This bird is gorgeous.... We'll be back in OZ after the 29th.... Sure would love to see one of these in person... Thanks for posting.... Take care.... 。◕‿◕。❤。◕‿◕。


He is so perfect he doesn't look real Rob. Too bad he didn't follow you home ;-D


Where js this handsome Parrot from Rob? Fantastic photo! Robryan's brand! Tfs!


Mango is gorgeous and such a brilliant emerald green....Thank you so much for posting your photos Rob, they are great!


He is fabulous, thanks Rob and it's great to see you back again. Hugs my friend.
It is MANY years since we've been to Hartley's.


He's a beauty, Rob. Great pictures too. ♥♥♥


Thanks Shirley - it's good to be back:))) Mango's mate was missing the day we visited - the park attendant said she was around somewhere, but we missed seeing her!!
We enjoyed our visit there too:)) Thanks :))


He is so pretty .. Love birds ... Thanks Rob .. Great to see you ...


Good to see you again, Rob, Mango is handsome, did you see his mate? she is much prettier!
We visited the Hartley's Crocodile Farm when we were on holidays a fair while ago, lots of interesting things to see there, Thanks, Rob.


Hi Floyd - thanks - it's good to be back:))) This parrot was just beautiful! Thanks :))))


HI!! Rob.
Great to have you back on Jigidi!
Nice to see more of your bird, etc. pictures

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