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Hey there Nicky! Wow! You sure do know how to describe a beautiful and enchanting moment with your two kittens! Unfortunately, I don't get to witness that because our two kitties are indoor cats, they've never been outside but I could just imagine them being the very same way as yours if they were ever given the chance! Thanks so much for commenting my dear, sweet friend!...Hugs


It's so beautiful to witness something like this. I watched my two kittens years ago step out into the garden for the first time. They were enchanted by the butterflies, and would step up and smell a daffodil. It was wonderful to witness!


Thank you Patti! So glad you enjoyed it!


Wonderful! Love the set! Thank you!


Your quite welcome Ann, and I would very much love to read some of your poems that you have written here on jigidi! If their anything like this one than they must be very beautiful indeed! When my boy was small, people said that I always watched him like a mother hawk, that I just wouldn't let him out of my sight! Well, that was me teaching my son everything that I could to make him into the man that he is today! I'd say through all my teaching, he turned out pretty well as he's a very kind, good-hearted, well-mannered, giving kind of man, and he knows right from wrong! So, I must have done something right! That's our jobs as mothers, to teach our children to be up-standing citizens with good morals! I don't know you very well Ann, but I think that you were a mother hawk too! That's the highest compliment I could ever give to another mother! Have a lovely week my friend!


Thanks, Monica. I often get a bit carried away!! I have written poems a few times here on Jigidi because something about a picture makes the words flow, just like for this one. Looking at the photo struck me as a life-lesson about to be taught by Mama Cat. Then as I wrote it hit me that what I was writing did not pertain only to a mother cat but to a caring mother of all species. We humans do the same---just not as theatrically as this scenario! lol! Yep, we try to teach our kids the same lessons, don't we? Thanks, Monica...........


Sandy- You are quite welcome my good jigidi friend! Glad you liked it, thanks so much for commenting!

Chailie- I thought so too, and the black and white one seems to be following suit! Thanks again for dropping by to comment! Love hearing from you! Have a great week!

Gnt- They do look quite content don't they! Thanks for stopping by to see me gnt! Hope you have a wonderful week!

Ann- AAAWWW! That was so sweet and perfect! And, so very true, all of what you said, I can just imagine momma kitty saying just that to her sweet little ones! Thanks Ann, you always leave the nicest comments! Have a GREAT week my friend!


"Come along, children. I have many things to show you---some good, some bad. You must pay close attention for these lessons are very important. I will show you things you can catch & play with and things you should never get near. There are delights for your eyes and scary things your ears will hear. I can show you where to find the most delicious treats and where there are things bad for you. There are places you can go and be safe, but there are also places filled with danger. Some of the life-forms you will meet are very pleasant to spend time with, and some that will do you great harm. You see, children, there is good and bad in our world and you must learn what is good and what is bad. We are fortunate that most of our life is filled with the good. So come along, let us begin your lessons.".....................


great pic they look so happy and content


Lovely picture. Sweet how little ginger is seeking Mum's reassurance.


How sweet! Thank you Monica.


You are quite welcome Denise, thanks so much for dropping by!


This is a real awwww picture:-) Mom is beautiful and the little ones are adorable. Wish I culd hold them. Thanks so much Monica:-))

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