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Lucien Abrams--Trees in Autumn

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Since it feels like autumn around these parts, I figured I should post this one.
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  1. hondagal5:56
  2. leeb5:58
  3. ukechick6:05
  4. mariolyn6:13
  5. eightpaws7:11
  6. grandmalion7:14
  7. knd1197:14
  8. eaross7:17
  9. Bill_I_Am7:22
  10. bachja7:29


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Thanks for responding to Ofcjec, Andy. It was on my radar and then vanished. Out of site, out of mind. And Ofcjec, Thanks for taking the time to visit and comment.

The green will pass and the poor plants and trees must be mighty confused. The witch hazel bloomed about a month ago and it normally blooms in late winter. Daffodils are trying to come up. Maybe I should mow the lawn tomorrow.


A quick check reveals that this is "Painting - oil on canvas" according to, Ofcjec. I dunno Gayle, I've been thinking 'APRIL, APRIL...' the last couple of days - a lotta green, some fresh stuff even. This to shall pass, however. Great choice for a puzzle, because half the pieces could go anywhere when they're all scattered about!

Watercolor or charcoals? Or neither? Beautiful, airy little painting. Thanks for sharing.

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